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Andreas 'Sepulculo' Kisser, is the guitarist for the legendary metal band Sepultura. He has also appeared in projects such as No Coração dos Deuses, Sexoturica, Roadrunner United, Quarteto da Pinga and Asesino, as well as having produced Hammerhead's Shadow Of A Time To Be, Necromancia's Check Mate and Sayowa's self-titled second album, Sayowa. He released his first solo album entitled 'Hubris I & II' on Mascot Records. Born August 24th 1968 in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil to a Yugoslavian mother, from Maribor, Slovenia and a German father, Kisser was originally a roadie for founding vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera. He was asked to join the band following the departure of the original lead guitarist. He is largely responsible for bringing a more progressive sound to the band starting with the Schizophrenia album (1987). He studied classical guitar for several years before joining Sepultura.

Performing in bands since 1983, Andreas Kisser joined Brazilian metal superstars Sepultura as their lead guitarist in 1987.

Fourteen albums, countless world tours with Sepultura as well as numerous guest spots with Anthrax, Biohazard, Krusader, Scorpions and even a stint in Brazilian Beatles cover band Clube Big Beatles point to Andreas' versatility.

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