SR-EX StroboRack Expander

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The SR-EX StroboRack Expander Module fits easily in the rear panel of your StroboRack and increases its capabilities far beyond those of any tuner on the market today. It’s affordable, takes only a few minutes to install, and it makes tuning all the following instruments possible.



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By Joe Porter on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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I was lucky enough to find out Peterson had found some of the SR-EX expansion boards in the wharehouse when they thought they were all gone so I grabbed it while I could this time. It is so well worth the money and then some, it does way more than just expand how many instruments can be tuned. It gives you an ABY splitter out of the back able to control each output separately with a pedal. As I was switching to a multiple amp setup, I really wanted to get the expansion board, it works flawlessly. I have no issues with ground loops or hum, everything works exactly as it should and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Peterson

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