StroboStomp HD/LE Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Item #: 171528


Just like a cell phone screen protector, this tempered glass screen protector will help protect your StroboStomp HD screen from most damage from scratches and scuffs to keep it looking its best from gig to gig! Easy, bubble-free installation makes it simple to add quality screen protection to your favorite tuning pedal.
  • Fingerprint Resistant
    It’s fingerprint resistant so you can keep your screen smudge-free. Hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers work as the final coating to protect your screen from fingerprints, liquids, and stains.

  • HD Clarity
    Keeps the screen brightness without added glare and does not create a shadowing effect when viewed from different angles.

  • 9H Hardness
    Fortified with anti-shatter glass that features a 9H surface hardness to repel scratches and swirls. The ultra-thin tempered glass design provides edge-to-edge full-screen display protection.

  • Bubble-Free
    Bubble-free installation to make application fast. Can be removed and re-applied easily without leaving smudges on the display.

  • Three-piece cleaning pack included

* Please perform a dry fit before installing to orient the placement and aid in installation. The side that peels off is the side that should be placed over a clean display. Existing swirls and/or scratches may show through the protector. This is normal.



How do I install my StroboStomp HD screen protector?

To apply your StroboStomp HD screen protector:
  1. DRY FIT: Without removing the backing to the screen protector, lay it over the StroboStomp HD display to dry fit the protector. The protector should sit precisely over the existing display opening.
  2. CLEAN: Use the wet alcohol pad (green package) to clean the StroboStomp HD screen paying special attention to the corners of the display.
  3. POLISH: Use the cheesecloth (orange colored) to LIGHTLY polish the display and remove any leftover streaks from the wet pad.
  4. REMOVE: Making sure the StroboStomp HD display is clean and lint-free, remove the backing from the screen protector and take precaution to not touch the exposed side.
  5. POSITION: Position the screen protector starting in one corner of the StroboStomp HD display and SLOWLY lay it on to the screen. You can lightly adjust any positioning at this time to make sure it is centered on the display. If you see large air pockets, lift the protector up and re-lay it.
  6. PRESS: Lightly press the protector starting from the corner you began with working towards the opposite end to remove any air pockets out from under the screen.


  • If you do not lay it correctly the first time, it can be lifted and re-applied a few times before the undercoating starts to break down. Use a toothpick, fingernail, or credit card edge to get under one corner of the protector to slowly lift it up.
  • Any lint that is trapped under the protector can be removed by washing the protector in a mild dish detergent. Make sure it is completely dry before trying to re-apply.
  • A credit card edge - wrapped with the provided polishing cloth - can be used to help work out any air bubbles.
  • Make sure your installation environment is not excessively dusty to avoid issues.

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By James Flannery on Saturday, December 30, 2023
Reviewed on
Peterson Website
Plays 4 String Bass, 6-String Electric Guitar, 5 String Bass, 6 String Bass, 8 String Bass, 7 String Bass, 6-String Acoustic Guitar

By Robert Hofmann on Monday, June 12, 2023
Reviewed on
Peterson Website
I have used Petersons Strobo tuners for many many years on the bench at the gig and in the recording studio!! Every person alive that owns an instrument should have a Strobo tuner of some vintage. Thanks for a great product. Mine is working fantastic.

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By Robert King on Saturday, April 1, 2023

Verified Purchase

Reviewed on
Peterson Website
Plays 4 String Bass
Shortly after unboxing my StroboStomp HD, I had a loose cable roll over and the tip banged right off the pedal. Those few moments between hearing the CLACK! and determining the screen was unharmed were enough to convince me that the Tempered Glass Screen Protector was well worth the extra few dollars. Mine arrived in the mail today, and it installed in seconds. The screen protector ships with everything you need to clean and dry the screen before application, although I would suggest you get some compressed air involved in the project. As far as installation goes, the process is similar to applying a screen protector on a mobile device, but somewhat easier due to the rigidity of this particular protector. Given the layout of the display, I opted to apply mine right-hand-side-to-left-hand-side, top-to-bottom so that any air bubbles would be forced to the bottom-left corner, where there aren't as many screen elements when you bring up the UI. I'm usually pretty terrible at applying ...

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