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BECAUSE YOU CREATE - StroboSoft uses the power of your computer and its high resolution to accurately display the pitch of your instrument with razor-sharp 0.1 cent accuracy. Consistent tuning results can be effortlessly achieved each and every time. With StroboSoft 2.0, there is no reason why any element in your session should sound out of tune with itself or the mix.

HOW STROBOSOFT WORKS - As a stand-alone, just use your notebook's built-in mic or plug in a microphone and start tuning! StroboSoft is simple to use in its chromatic tune mode and also has an exclusive instrument mode that allows you to define your instrument to StroboSoft and store those settings in presets to be quickly recalled at any time. After storing your presets, tuning multiple instruments with StroboSoft is quick and easy.

Add professional tuning power to your DAW with StroboSoft's sLINK™ Technology. sLINK allows you to add a VST/AU tuner to you favorite recording host application. Plug StroboSoft in your recording sessions to have an accurate Peterson strobe tuner at your disposal any time!

VST/AU READY | Peterson Strobe Tuners


Add the legendary accuracy of a strobe tuner to your favorite DAW.

Equip your recording application of choice with StroboSoft when you're ready to add the ultimate in tuning accuracy to your recording setup.

Exclusive Peterson Sweetened Tunings, unlimited user inspired presets, and over 50 factory loaded instrument tunings will be at your fingertips.

Use it as a VST/AU plug-in or run side-by-side with your DAW of choice. (Deluxe feature only.)

TUNING TO GO | Peterson Strobe Tuners


"Redundancy" is a golden rule with stage acts as "the show must go on".

Add StroboSoft to your aresenal as a backup tuner or a main unit when tuning off-stage. Touch-up tunings can be done quickly and easily.

With unlimited user-presets, you can create a setting for every instrument in your rig or create a tunnig playlist to help speed up changes between songs. (Deluxe feature only.)

The Art of Tap Tuning | by Roger Siminoff | Peterson Strobe Tuners

The Art of Tap Tuning

by Roger Siminoff

With more than six decades of luthierie experience, renowned author Roger H. Siminoff has been instrumental in the design and testing of the tap tuning utility in StroboSoft Deluxe.

If you are considering StroboSoft for tap tuning, please make sure to visit his website for additional materials and details regarding using StroboSoft for tap tuning.

EASY INTONATION | Peterson Strobe Tuners


Use StroboSoft to adjust more than just your tuning. Save time and money by intonating your instruments at home!

Intonate your electrics quickly and easily using StroboSoft's Visual Intonation Guide that employs a 2-step visual indicator system to help you achieve the ultimate in accuracy when setting up your instruments.

The built-in INTONATE function will visually assist you while intonating your instrument. The LED on the selected string will fill with color when you are in the proper octave-just isolate the strobe display and you're done! (Deluxe feature only.)

SIMPLE INTERFACE | Peterson Strobe Tuners


Large, illuminated arrows indicate whether your tuning is flat or sharp to assist in tuning direction and make large adjustments easier to discern.

Target Tune switches the NOTE/OCTAVE window functionality over to allow user viewing of what note they are trying to achieve rather than what note they are currently at.

For example, INPUT will allows display the chromatic input signal but switching it to TARGET and engaging the manual note select option will hone StroboSoft to only look for the selected value and ignore any other frequencies.

This is a great feature for tuning to an exact frequency or cent offset.



Sweetened Tunings™ compensate for the inherent inadequacies of string, brass and woodwind instruments by making minute adjustments in pitch for each instruments standard tuning. Sweetened presets can optimize an instruments playability and tone.

Almost 40 preset Sweetened Tunings™ are available in StroboSoft Deluxe for a variety of instruments. Built-in support for Buzz Feiten (BFTS) equipped instruments is included. (Deluxe feature only.)

LARGE DISPLAY | Peterson Strobe Tuners


The large display provides all the traditional tuning information including the note and octave location for the note being tuned.

The multi-view window allows the user to control whether relating note/octave details are displayed as cents (away from target note/octave), Hertz or MIDI note number equivalents.

You can use this window to view offset values in when creating your own stretch tunings or analyzing other preferred tunings.

PLUG AND PLAY | Peterson Strobe Tuners


StroboSoft provides everything you need to accurately tune and even set-up your guitar or bass without the need for any expensive additional sound cards!

You can successfully use StroboSoft with your stock hardware by plugging your instrument into the computer's sound card input.

StroboSoft's selectable sampling rate will support all sound cards up to 96kHz.

Use the stereo/mono selectors to tune two instruments at once! Have an electric guitar on the "L" channel while an acoustic can be hooked into the "R", each with individual settings.

SPECTRUM ANALYZER | Peterson Strobe Tuners


The spectrum analyzer offers a real-time view of the spectral components on the input signal.

The red 'X' indicates the fundamental note being identified by StroboSoft.

The analyzer can be extremely useful in finding noise present in the incoming signal helping to identify reading difficulties. Harmonic detections and visual recognition of fundamental frequencies can also be seen in the analyzer view.

LINEAR PITCH GRAPH | Peterson Strobe Tuners


The Linear Pitch Graph can be very useful when practicing intonation training or trying to measure performance with an instrument.

The graph will display your performance instantly and provide visual feedback that can help isolate problem areas.

Ideal for use practicing chords, embouchure, or vocal training.

Harmonic viewing can also be enabled for a complete linear representation of the incoming audio spectrum. (G3, D3, and A2 shown.)

OSCILLOSCOPE | Peterson Strobe Tuners


An oscilloscope is a useful instrument for testing signals because it allows you to see the signals at different points.

The oscilloscope allows the user to view the actual shape of the signal coming into StroboSoft.

Use it to help isolate noise issues such as pick-up noise that could cause tuning problems. Tuning issues due to old strings or new strings that haven't been stretched properly can be quickly viewed and identified.

TAP TUNING UTILITY | Peterson Strobe Tuners


For instrument builders, tap tuning is used to adjust the tunings of the various parts of their instruments - soundboards, backboards, air chambers, and apertures - to make instruments that not only sound good, but sound good consistently - instrument to instrument. Tap tuning ensures that the parts of the instruments are tuned to each other as well as to concert pitch, imparting a timbre that is not attainable by merely assembling an instrument.

Adjustable threshold triggering allows complete control of the tuner in any set-up or tuning environment. Average Taps function employs statistical techniques to reject bad "measures" such that a single poor measurement won't affect the results. (Deluxe feature only.)

 | Peterson Strobe Tuners

"If you want to get into serious tuning, investigate Sweetened Tunings, and have presets available for all kinds of instruments and playing options, there's nothing like StroboSoft's extreme degree of accuracy, convenience, and depth."

- Craig Anderton

 | Peterson Strobe Tuners

"With it's pinpoint accuracy, loads of helpful features, and user-friendly interface, the StroboSoft tuner has become my first line of defense in attaining, and preserving sonic uniformity in my sessions."

- Matt Harper, Associate Editor, EQ Magazine

 | Peterson Strobe Tuners

"My first tuning was of my Warwick Thumb bass. I used a sweetened preset and easily tuned the bass. It was very stable compared to other tuners that I have used. I then played with the intonate function on the tuner and discovered that my harmonics were in tune.

I can see that this tuner would be very useful to people setting up their own intonation on stringed instruments. This is a tuner that I will be using for a long time!"

- Spence and UberPro at UberProAudio

 | Peterson Strobe Tuners

"Best tuner I've ever used, bar none. I know it sounds crazy to get excited over a tuner but it's exciting in a really weird way to take an "in tune" guitar (with a different tuner) and fix the tuning so that it's REALLY in tune.

Great for tuning, great for intonation, simply the best tuner I've ever used (I know I said that already, but it's true)!"

- Stephen Amazon Customer

 | Peterson Strobe Tuners

"It's honestly the only software tuning system I've found that works and, as I mentioned. It is endowed with scads more accuracy than any hardware unit I've come across."

- Brad Watts, Review Contributor, Audio Technology Magazine


Standard chromatic tuning/Equal temperament suitable for regular or alternate tuning, 100 cent intervals - no Sweetening.

Guitar & Bass

Designed for use with guitars tuned to standard EADGBE.
Designed for use with acoustic guitars tuned to standard EADGBE.
Peterson Sweetened tuning for acoustic guitar
Peterson Sweetened Tuning for 4-string bass guitar.
Peterson Sweetened Tuning for 5-string bass guitar.
Peterson Sweetened tuning for 12 string acoustic guitars.
Peterson Sweetened tuning for 12 string electric guitars.
Peterson Sweetener for Nashville Tuned Guitar.

Buzz Feiten

Tuning offsets for acoustic steel stringed guitars equipped with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System. (Buzz Feiten Tuning System is a registered trademark of Buzz Feiten Design).
Buzz Feiten Tuning System for 4-string electric bass guitar
Buzz Feiten Tuning System for 7-string electric guitar.
Buzz Feiten Tuning System for 5-string electric bass guitar
Buzz Feiten Tuning System for classical nylon stringed guitar
Buzz Feiten Tuning System for electric guitar
Buzz Feiten Tuning System for 12 String Guitar

Steel Guitar

Peterson Pedal Steel Guitar Sweetened Tuning for 10 string pedal steel in E9 tuning.
Peterson Pedal Steel Guitar Sweetened Tuning for 10 string pedal steel in C6 tuning.
Peterson E9 Pedal Steel Guitar Sweetened Tuning for the Open Strings
Peterson C6 Sweetener for Lap Steel Guitar.
Peterson C6 Sweetener for Lap Steel Guitar
Peterson A6 Sweetener for Lap Steel Guitar.
Peterson A6 Sweetener for Lap Steel Guitar.
Peterson Sweetener for 6-String Lap Steel
Peterson C13 Sweetener for 6-String Lap Steel
Peterson E6 Sweetener for Lap Steel Guitar.
Peterson E6 Sweetener for Lap Steel Guitar


Peterson Open D Sweetener for Dobro
Peterson Open D Sweetener for Dobro
Peterson Open A Sweetener for Dobro.
Peterson Open A Sweetener for Dobro
Peterson Open G Sweetener for Dobro
Peterson Open G Sweetener for Dobro
Peterson Combination Sweetened Tuning for Dobro
Peterson Sweetened Tuning for 5 String Banjo


Peterson Viola Sweetener
Peterson Cello Sweetener
Peterson Sweetener for 4-string violin.
Peterson Sweetener for 5-string violin.
Peterson Sweetener for viola da gamba.

Historic Temperaments

Just Major Intonation
Pythagorean Intonation with A base
1/4 Comma Meantone
1/6th Comma Meantone - A-based
Kirnberger III Temperament
Werckmeister III
Young Temperament with A base
Vallotti Temperament with an A base.
Rameau Temperament

Compare to Sweetened Tunings offered in other products.

StroboSoft 2.0
StroboSoft Deluxe/Suite 2.0
64-bit Compatible
Windows 32-bit (will run on 64-bit Windows)/macOS 64-bit
Windows 32-bit (will run on 64-bit Windows)/macOS 64-bit
Note Range
Eb0 (MIDI note 15) to Eb8 (MIDI note 111)
Eb0 (MIDI note 15) to Eb8 (MIDI note 111)
Note Selection
Automatic Or Manual
Automatic Or Manual
Operating System (OS X)
Operating System (Windows)
XP, Vista, Win 7/8/10
XP, Vista, Win 7/8/10
Peterson Connect Compatible
Sample Rate
Up To 96kHz
Up To 96kHz
Sound Card
Mic or Line Input Req'd
Mic or Line Input Req'd
Stretch Tuning Tables
0.1 Cents
0.1 Cents
Tone Generator
Concert A Range
340Hz - 540Hz
340Hz - 540Hz
Global Cent Offset Range
+/- 50 Cents
+/- 50 Cents
Transposition Range
+/- 12 semitones in 1 semitone steps
+/- 12 semitones in 1 semitone steps
Frequency Response Range
20Hz - 5000Hz
20Hz - 5000Hz
Sweetened Tunings
Tuning Scopes
Buzz Feiten Support
User Presets
Alternate Skins
Built-In Tunings
59 Preset Instruments
Compact Mode
Historic Temperaments
Intonate Function
Pitch Graph
Plug-In Capability
Tap Tuning Capability
Tuning Export/Import
Available on CD-rom
Suite Version Only
Lifetime Free Upgrades
Suite Version Only
61 Reviews
3.4 out of 5 stars.
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
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By Thomas Whitehouse on Monday, January 2, 2023
Edited on Monday, January 2, 2023

Verified Purchase

Reviewed on
Peterson Website
Recently bought the full desktop version for setting up my guitars/intonation etc. The strobe tuner and the features are wonderful. Only cons are that the software is extremely dated and needs bringing forwards into the modern day.
Easier said than done I understand and above all, if you are looking to acquire the best possible gear for the best possible results for setting up guitars, there is no other alternative.
Peterson seem like a great company so I'm confident that the updates will come.

Was this review helpul to you?
By Gary Hutchings on Thursday, December 22, 2022

Verified Purchase

Reviewed on
Peterson Website
Plays 6-String Electric Guitar, 6-String Acoustic Guitar, 4 String Bass, Mandolin, 5 String Bass, Ukulele, 5-String Banjo
I have used a Boss TU-12 since the late 80's.
Before today, I had never found a common tuner that touched it.
The physical needle tuner ruled, in my life, over 30+ years.
I have never been able to afford the amazing physical Peterson Strobo tuners, they are worth every penny.

Here is my experience with Strobosoft 2.0 today.

I have owned my Acoustic guitar for over 14 years, it's the first instrument that I tuned with the software.
Even with months old strings, I have never heard it sound this pure, this perfect.

My recordings will be forever changed.

Thank you for continuing the Peterson family tradition of innovation, by creating this affordable, and incredibly accurate software.

1 person found this review helpful.
Was this review helpul to you?
By Istvan Gonczi on Monday, October 31, 2022
Edited on Monday, October 31, 2022

Verified Purchase

Reviewed on
Peterson Website
Plays 6-String Acoustic Guitar, 4 String Bass, 6-String Electric Guitar, 5 String Bass
Before you spend your money on the windows desktop version of Strobosoft, be aware that this version does not have anything extra compared to the ipad version, so if you already own that, no point in buying this.
For the money, I expected the product to be on par with the iPad version, which I already own. A bit of a disappointment.

5 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpul to you?
By Robert Rice on Sunday, October 16, 2022

Verified Purchase

Reviewed on
Peterson Website
wonderful product. very flexible and simple user interface. another winner from

1 person found this review helpful.
Was this review helpul to you?
Anonymous on Thursday, August 18, 2022

Verified Purchase

Reviewed on
Peterson Website
I bought this product for the taptuning feature on it, and that seems to work properly.
But from time to time the app crashes unexpectedly ( I work with OS), and also the display could have been bigger, some 'knobs' on it are pretty small. But the 'analog' feel of is is nice, and once I found out how it works (The manual af Siminoff really helps) it really helps me with my instrument building !

1 person found this review helpful.
Was this review helpul to you?
By Dan Mclaughlin on Monday, June 20, 2022

Verified Purchase

Reviewed on
Peterson Website
Plays Mandolin
I am using the strobosoft 2.0 to tap tune a mandolin I am building. After a little trouble with getting the converter (anolog to digital) for my Mac, I am on my way. The software is simple to work with is delivering expected results. Now, If I can only get the neighbor to stop running his skidloader in the backyard I can make some progress on the mandolin. The backup beeping is driving me crazy.

3 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpul to you?
By Tj Usiyan on Wednesday, May 4, 2022
Edited on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Verified Purchase

Reviewed on
Peterson Website
The core functionality of this software is excellently done. It is a great tuner, in the end.

That said, The UI of the standalone app is a little frustrating to me. I have a Chapman Stick, so I have a stereo input, ideally. I am fairly certain that I cannot select two channels of audio at once, however. Not a huge issue, since switching is possible, but it adds friction. I also wish that the metaphor of hardware was abandoned, at least a little. The layout of controls seems cramped especially since the window can't be resized.

I'm using this on an M1 Mac.

4 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpul to you?
By Sanford Erickson on Sunday, March 20, 2022

Verified Purchase

Reviewed on
Peterson Website
Plays 6-String Electric Guitar, 6-String Acoustic Guitar, 4 String Bass
It's been too long since I could run strobosoft on my Mac. Now with the 64-bit version I can finally set up my guitars properly.

I forgot how great this product is. Thanks!

6 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpul to you?
By Ben Robinson on Sunday, February 27, 2022
Edited on Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Reviewed on
Peterson Website
Developer updates to the product are sluggish, but I note that there is a new MacOS version that solves the problems many of us were experiencing.

For many software tuning use cases, Strobosoft is now superseded by tuners freely available as mobile phone apps, or included with modelling software. The mobile version of Strobosoft is a better proposition and I use this all the time, being as the full software version took so long to be updated by the developer.

Peterson's hardware tuners are world class but the developer has a slow update cadence for Strobosoft, which is out of touch with what people want. On top of this, the market for a software tuner has radically changed, albeit vanishing, as many people get sufficient utility from mobile apps etc.

6 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpul to you?
By Ermanno Chiavi on Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Verified Purchase

Reviewed on
Peterson Website
Plays 6-String Electric Guitar, 6-String Acoustic Guitar

How do I read a strobe display?

Basically, the strobe image appears to travel to the left if your instrument is flat of the desired pitch and to the right if it is sharp. On earlier models such as the StroboStomp 1, StroboStomp 2, VS-1, VS-II and V-SAM, the strobe image travels upward if your instrument is sharp and downward if your instrument is flat of the desired pitch.

Adjust your instrument until the pattern is as close to still as possible. Strobe displays are 'real-time' and extremely high definition. They require very precise tuning adjustments to stop the display because the frequency/pitch of any instrument is never totally stable.

You'll quickly learn to read the display, make the most precise adjustments and appreciate the high resolution that only a Peterson provides.

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Is the accuracy the same for all Peterson tuners?

Yes, the accuracy is within 0.1 cents (1/1000 of one semitone) as with all Peterson Strobe Tuners. An important thing to note is that Peterson Strobe Tuners have ultra high definition displays, so not only are they highly accurate in detecting a note but they have the ability to display that accuracy. Other products claim accuracy but do not have the high definition screen to display the level of accuracy in which they claim. If you cannot see the accuracy, it is of little value. Only Peterson provides High Definition Strobe Tuning.

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What is my tuner’s Sweetened Tunings feature all about?

A Sweetener is a set of cent offsets or a deviation from generic Equal Temperament interval spacing traditionally used in tuning. Tuners made by Peterson, including the , contain many choices of “Sweetness“, in other words, several presets with differing interval spacing relevant to the instrument being tuned. If you’ve never been happy with how your instrument tunes up with your present tuner, a Sweetener could be just the thing to change that without any modifications whatsoever. The offers unique and very accurate “tweaks” which often make all the difference, try it!

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I often tune my acoustic instrument in a loud environment. What's available to help with that?

When tuning an acoustic instrument in an environment where you cannot control the background noise, like at a gig or loud band hall, a vibration pickup is a very nice alternative to using the built-in microphone.

For instruments with a flat resonating surface, you can use a suction cup tuning pickup to reduce ambient noise interference.

A Peterson TP-3 clip-on tuning pickup is a very versatile device that can be clipped onto any portion of the instrument that vibrates, such as the headstock of a guitar or the bell or lead pipe of a horn.

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How accurate is my StroboSoft 2.0?

Your StroboSoft 2.0 is accurate to 0.1 cent (1/1000th of a semitone). It’s important to note, that unlike other tuners which list the detection accuracy as the main specification, the StroboSoft 2.0 detection AND display accuracy is 0.1 cent due to its high definition display which is the highest of any tuner on the market.

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StroboSoft V2 Quick Start
StroboSoft 2.0 English Full
StroboSoft 2.0 - Tap Tuning Guide

Not finding an answer? Open a support ticket for personalized support of your Peterson product.

 Use this adaptor to plug your instrument or microphone into your computer's sound card when using StroboSoft™. | Peterson Strobe Tuners

Mini-Jack Adapter


Use this adaptor to plug your instrument or microphone into your computer's sound card when using StroboSoft™. This will convert from 1/4" (F) to 3.5mm (M)



 Evaluate StroboSoft 2. | Peterson Strobe Tuners

StroboSoft 2.0 (DEMO VERSION)

$49.99 - $99.99

Evaluate StroboSoft 2.0 on your system without time limits or feature restricitons. REFUND POLICY: You can demo StroboSoft 2.0 for a 15-day trial. A paid purchase must be made to receive the installation files and a serial. This is a fully-working demo without limited functionality. Should you not be happy with your purchase at any time during the trial period, a refund will be provided up to 15 days from registration (not from the purchase date). A REFUND MUST BE REQUESTED NO LATER THAN 3 DAYS AFTER THE TRIAL HAS EXPIRED. The demo will display how many days are left in the trial period. After the trial is completed, it will not launch and request a new unlocking code. If you choose to keep the software, please register for a new unlocking code after the demo expires. Please note: If the software is authorized past the 15-day trial period, you will not be eligible for a refund. Refunds can be requested by emailing with a copy of your online order. Warranty: One purchase warrants two installation permissions every 120 days for a maximum of six unlocking codes per year. If more than two installations will be required immediately, please purchase a second copy of StroboSoft.



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