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StroboSoft 2.0

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Price: $49.99

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This is a DOWNLOAD ONLY ITEM. Refund not available for this item after registration. *Logic Pro X and Digital Performer 8 Users: Currently NOT 64-BIT Compatible (Release Date Coming Soon ).
The Peterson StroboSoft2 Tuning Suite gives you the power to route your audio through your DAW on an insert point or to strap it across your buss and tune with unrivaled accuracy. Getting your instrument into your computer is as simple as plugging in up to two sound cards at once (stereo input), and selecting a sampling rate up to 96kHz. If the output level of your instrument still isn’t high enough, we have you covered. You can boost signals up to 24dB and achieve an ideal tuning lock. Sharp and flat tuning indicators make “at a glance” tuning a breeze.

Gone are the days of needing to use an external compressor to tap-tune backboards, braces, and tone bars. Our “Average” function does away with any measured outliers. The “Standard” downloadable version of this software offers basic chromatic tuning, Cent/Hertz/MIDI note number output, noise filtering, and selectable concert A reference. Our “Deluxe” version offers 38 Sweetened Tunings, themed skins to personalize the tuner to fit the best look for your style, the ability to import/export Sweeteners and temperament to share with friends, and oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer utilities!


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