Well Worth the Money
By Brian Harmata on Saturday, April 26, 2014
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I've used several other tuners over the years, including a TC Polytune pedal (Actually a pretty good tuner) A Boss TU-2 (which broke after 2 years of light use and never properly picked up my low B string on my 7 string), and a Korg DTR-2000 rack tuner. The Peterson unit blows them all away as far as accuracy is concerned.

I can get that pesky G string perfect with very little effort. It picks up my low B with pretty good accuracy and not too much "noise" which is a first in a tuner that I've used. It's plain to see that you get what you pay for. I've never used a strobe tuner before, so it took me a little getting used-to.

One thing I found helpful, was either role your tone off a bit, or use your neck pickup, and also roll your volume down a bit. It's so sensitive, if you give it a good hard pick with guitar volume on 10, the display is going to go nuts and you aren't going to be able to interpret it very easily.

It tracks very quickly, and it's insanely accurate. Now that I've used one, I won't use anything else. Great product, and well worth the money.

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