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By Ruedi Frey on Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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I used standard tuners before I got the Strobostomp HD. I compared the sound of my Les Paul when tuning with the standard tuner with tuning with the Strobostomp and was amazed. It is unbelieveable hat much better the guitar sounds with the on spot tuning of the Strobostomp (I did not even use sweetened tuning yet). The difference is remarkable in clean sound but especially dirty sounds - no matter if using the overdriven channel of a tube amp or a pedal - just sound so much clearer and more powerful. Tunig is fast and the strobo is easy to adapt to even though I had been using standard meter and LED Tuners for years.

best tuner I ever had, better than other tuning pedals or built in tuners (Kemper, AxeFXIII, GT1000)
fast and very precise
makes your guitar sound simply better
battery change is easy (no screws) and the additional DC out is very useful

The device is a about 1/2 inch longer than standard Boss, EHX or tc pedals. Keep this in mind when desiging you board layout
The software (page) is not user friendly and not intuitive. It took a lot of time and try&error to finally get the settings I wanted.

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