WAY more than a guitar tuner - GREAT for organ tuning!
By Jeffrey Walker on Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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On the recommendation of the Vice President of Reuter Organs I purchased this tuner prior to a complete tuning of a four-manual 73-rank Schantz pipe organ. Truly an outstanding machine! The strobe function was very useful in the 16' and 8' octaves, particularly when the "tuning stop" was a bit distant. That the tuner can produce sound clear up to the top of a 2' stop was tremendously helpful. Those last few notes can be difficult to hear when tuning to the octave below. Tuning a unison to the machine was very easy and accurate. Being able to adjust pitch in tenths of a herz is extremely important in organ tuning. It simply has everything I could want for organ tuning.

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