StroboStomp LE
Lovely- But Missing Cents Display!
By Brian Lee on Friday, January 6, 2023
Edited on Saturday, January 7, 2023

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Plays 6-String Electric Guitar, 6-String Acoustic Guitar, 10 String Pedal Steel Guitar, 8 String Lap Steel
Superb tuner... EXCEPT for the lack of a cents display.

I didn't realize that this was not a function that was available. I'm very surprised since a cents display is available on the iStroboSoft phone app for only 9.99.

I'm a long time guitar player, and have been able to tune fine with a conventional tuner & sweetening by ear. However, I started playing pedal steel guitar recently, and for that I really needed the accuracy and the ability to store pre-sets that the Strobostomp provides.

I thought that the Strobostomp LE included a cent display, which is key to how I intended to use it. While I could use the factory sweetened pre-sets, I wanted to develop my own for my specific guitar. My intent was to initially tune my E9 steel to concert pitch on the E strings using the tuner (with A&B steel pedals down to account for console drop) , then tune the rest by ear using harmonics. This would take into account and balance factors unique to my guitar and to my personal hearing preferences. Once satisfied with the tuning by ear, I intended to measure and record the offsets from concert pitch in cents for each string and pedal setting to create a tuning chart for my specific steel. I could then replicate that tuning either using the tuner set to concert pitch, per my tuning chart and tuner displayed cent offsets, or load the chart offsets on to the Strobostomp as a custom sweetened preset unique to my steel. This would allow me to replicate the "by ear/harmonic" tuning easily with the use of the tuner. Unfortunately, the lack of a cents display negates both approaches.

I could potentially use the concert pitch adjustment setting as a workaround to determine cents offset from concert pitch - essentially shifting concert pitch until the strobe display stabilizes on each tuned string & pedal setting to determine how many cents shift from 440 Hz is needed to achieve my targeted by ear tuning, but this is not practical. I decided to buy the $9.99 iStroboSoft in addition to the Strobostomp in order to be able to obtain the cent offset measurements I needed. It worked to get the measurements, and I can now load my custom pre-set sweetened offsets in the Strobostomp. It would be far better to have the cent measurement display available in the Stronostomp, and not need to buy the iStroboSoft app to get the job done. The iStroboSoft phone app using the phone microphone isn't as stable as the wired connection to the guitar as in the Strobostomp, since background noise causes it to wander more.

It sure would be great if this omission could be remedied with a upgrade version download. I love this pedal otherwise, and have bought a second LE for another pedal board. It's a shame though to have this basic strobe tuner function missing on the otherwise beautiful Anniversary Edition LE.

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