StroboStomp HD
Good down to a 27Hz A string (.146)
By Matei Haskins on Thursday, January 20, 2022

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Plays 4 String Bass, 6-String Electric Guitar, 5 String Bass
Good tuner! I tune to A=432Hz, with guitars in DADGBE, a baritone in AEADGC, and basses in DADG & AEADG.
I like the ability to make your own sweetwned tunings. You can specify the exact frequency you want the note to be, to 0.01Hz, or cents offset to 0.1.
Can also be powered by USB so it doesn't use up one of the plugs of my 1 Spot daisy chain.
It works all the way down to the .146 on my 5 string bass tuned to A=27Hz.

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