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By Tomas Gunnarsson on Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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The StroboStomp HD has been an indispensable part of my rig since I got it and I'm realizing that my other tuners have been on the shelf since. The accuracy and non-jittery response are things that I rely on for quick tune-ups and more intonations alike.
The sweetened tunings are also a thing I use most of the time, 7ST for my seven strings for example and TH1 for true temperament guitars. In fact I like this so much that I also have a few Stroboclip HD tuners as well that I keep with me wherever I go.

So, what could match that? The support!
It was a bit of a scare when a heavy stand fell on my tuner and broke the protective plastic lens over the screen. Luckily the screen itself was fine but the protective cover was done. So I googled around for replacement parts and found the protective screen which is available in the shop, but not the lens. So I pinged support to see if the lens could be ordered. They quickly suggested that I not order the screen from the US shop as I was about to do as they could arrange for cheaper shipping from EU based stock. But upon hearing what had had happened to the lens they basically told me to not worry about this and then they sent me both a new lens _and_ protective screen, compliments of Peterson! Amazing :)

So after this, my StroboStomp HD is as good as new now and stronger than before. Thanks!

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