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Hands down the best tuner out!!
By Mitch Rose on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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Plays 6-String Electric Guitar, 5 String Bass
I was a little hesitant to spend so much money on a tuner pedal, but I wanted something very accurate for tracking guitars and bass. After having it for a while now I can say it's a bargain. It is WAY more accurate than any tuner I've ever had, and I not only use it when tracking but every day when playing guitar. Every guitarist just sounds better the more in tune you are and I can't imagine playing without this now. But that's just where this pedal begins. First of all it looks beautiful, and the display is not only big but has 10 different colors to choose from! However, when you connect this pedal to your Mac/PC via mini USB cable and go to the website is when things get truly incredible. There is virtually no limit to the ways of customizing this thing, you can create custom preset tunings and adjust them by .1 cent increments! So although it comes loaded with hundreds of different tunings ( Alternate, Drop, 12-String, Bass, Banjo, basically any stringed instrument, Artist's presets, etc.) I noticed that the Artist Sweetened tuning for the band Machine Head was not accurate for the album I was learning. So I created a custom tuning of Drop B +40 cents and now I tune perfectly to the album every time. The coolest part to me is even though it has all of these tunings, you can choose exactly which ones you want to be able to scroll through on the pedal or if you elect to have them all showing it automatically moves the ones you use most to the top of the list to prevent endless scrolling! If only every pedal could be this nice and smart. Trust me, buy this will never use another tuner again.

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