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Very good, but missed a trick
By Paul Cobley on Sunday, May 24, 2020

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I have used this tuner alot on both electric and acoustic guitars. As far as clip on tuners go, I rate it as one of the best. When comparing its accuracy to my older Peterson Strobostomp, it seems as accurate, but the Strobostomp with its three level strobe was easier to get exactly in tune.

I like the ability to store your own sweetened tunings in the Stroboclip HD. However, I think Peterson have missed a trick here. For each of my guitars I follow a tuning method that gets the guitar most in tune to cater for variances in nut slot depth, intonation (acoustics), how well the frets have been crowned, fret placement, string gauge etc. This will often mean the open strings are not exactly in tune. What I would like to be able to do is store those open string offsets as a sweetened setting for that guitar. The issue comes, how do I measure the offsets (in cents) in order to save as a setting. The Stroboclip (and as far as I'm aware other Peterson products) don't show cents. It would be great if the tuner showed cents. At the moment I have to use another tuner that shows cents.

What would be even better is a quick way to instantly create a sweetened tuning from the well tuned guitar without having to measure offsets and then go to Peterson's website to enter them.

My ultimate goal would be to have a named preset for each guitar allowing me to select it and tune the open strings to that tuning. That would be a huge time saver removing the need to tweak the guitar after tuning the open strings.

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