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By Brian Coulson on Thursday, November 19, 2020

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Plays 6-String Electric Guitar, 6-String Acoustic Guitar, 4 String Bass, 10 String Pedal Steel Guitar, Ukulele, Tenor Ukulele
This is hands down the best tuner for a multitude of stringed instruments like guitar, bass, ukulele etc. Not only does this tuner allow you to easily fine tune your specific type of stringed instrument more precisely than any other tuner on the market, it also has "sweetened" tunings like the James Taylor tuning system that you can see here:
For an acoustic guitar, simply select the "ACU" option and you will instantly get what James Taylor explains in the youtube video above.
If you want, you can also create your own sweetened tunings such as alternate tunings like drop D, double drop D, Taro patch open G etc etc...I have created 14 alternate tunings so I can quickly get that unique tuning I need. Whether I want to play a specific type of slack key guitar, or play a unique tuning used by coldplay or Nick Drake...I can get there effortlessly and precisely with this tuner.
I also must mention here that the company Peterson Strobe Tuners really takes care of their customers extremely well. I had an acoustic guitar had the stroboclip tuner clipped onto the headstock and the guitar tipped over...the headstock slammed onto the hard ground and the stroboclip took the majority of the hit. The guitar was ok but my stroboclip was damaged. Long story short...Peterson not only responded immediately to my questions via their website, but they also sent me a replacement arm to the damaged stroboclip and sent me a new stroboclip with free shipping. WOW!!! Now that is amazing customer service. If you are serious about your music, don't settle for less. Peterson is the best!!!

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