StroboPLUS HD Metronome Upgrade
A brilliant but not flawless device - buy it.
By Jeffrey T Rolka on Sunday, March 14, 2021
Edited on Sunday, March 14, 2021

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This device is excellent in many, many respects. The functionality of it is absolutely top notch, and the tuning on my acoustic guitar using the 'sweetener' is the best that I have yet heard. I cannot, however, give it higher than four stars ( NOTE: CHANGED TO FIVE, SEE 'EDIT' BELOW) for one main, rather significant reason.

The navigation of the menu system and selection of items to modify is confusing and difficult. I making selections, I have found that I am uncertain as to whether or not the tuner will allow me to rapidly change reference note selections. In other words, I mostly tune by ear, so I use the wheel to select different reference tones for the strings of my guitar. There are times when I can just rapidly tune one string, spin the wheel, tune another, and so on. Other times, I have to keep on depressing the wheel before it will let me change reference tones. I have not discerned what I am doing differently that prevents me from just spinning the wheel. I am certain that it's something simple, and this is admittedly a small detail.

I am also using the metronome add on, and it has similar selection issues. It's just a bit fiddly, but it works really well.

In short. Would I recommend this item? Yes. Is it awesome? Yes. Is it annoying that you have to pay extra for the metronome? Yes, but Peterson mitigates this somewhat by giving you a killer deal on it when you register your product. Is it flawlessly easy to use? No, but the results are better than any other tuner I've used, Boss, TC, or Korg.


After posting this review I was immediately contacted by a representative from Peterson. They offered some thoughts about how the device works, and we traded emails regarding my experience. Based upon their attention to detail, willingness to to listen, and timely attention I edited my review to five stars. As someone who works with people, I appreciate the service that they offered and if that is standard, then the device and company merits five stars.

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