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By John H Vandergrift on Sunday, May 23, 2021

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I'm really impressed with this tuner. SO far I've had it less than a week, and I've used it for one performance.

Compared with other tuners I've used, this is very quick and responsive. I find that I like the strobe tuner better than a line of LEDs; it just feels more like I can ease up to the exact tune, rather than feeling that I'm dropping into a space between two LEDs that indicated my tune is in a range between the LEDs--but possibly not as precise. This is a pretty subjective opinion on my part, and I do realize others may not feel the same about it as I do.

I especially appreciate that when I pluck a string on my bass, I get a response *immediately*--I don't have to wait for the string to vibrate a bit and then settle to the tune of the note. The display remains illuminated while playing, so it's easy to use to check the instrument's tune while playing. When the mute button is clicked, a red LED illuminates, so you don't have to question whether it's muted or not.

The whole issue of "sweetened tunings" initially seemed a bit daunting, but once I actually worked through the instructions with the tuner itself, it's pretty easy to do. The sweetened tuning holds each time the tuner is turned off and then back on until it is changed again, so once set, you don't have to worry that you'll have to dredge back through a menu to get to the sweetened tune you previously selected.

There's not a bunch of clutter on the top of the tuner--it's really just the display and the button to click the mute on and off. The menus can be selected pretty easily with the rocker switches on each side of the unit. I do confess I've not yet fiddled with the buffer, so I can't report on that.

A prior review I'd read stated that there was an issue with the hook-and-loop fastener for attaching it to a pedal board--that this obstructed the battery cover. That is not the case with my unit, as the included hook-and-loop patch has a hole to allow for access to the battery panel. It also opens easily, and I didn't really have to fight to get the battery in or out. However, as it ships, the connector for the 9 volt battery was turned around, and after a little inspection, I discovered that, pulled it out and connected it to the battery.

In summary, I'm quite happy with this tuner, and can recommend it, especially to people who desire precision from their tuner.

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