Metronome should be included, not at extra cost.
By Tim Lee on Thursday, April 4, 2019

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I bought this product for the metronome. I didn't really need another tuner and quite frankly a snark tuner is a whole lot easier to use, a lot cheaper and is just as accurate as this product. You have to got to go through the Peterson web site to down load the metronome for some reason(why I don't know, but I get the feeling it's for data mining, like everything else on the internet these days). I have been using apple products for year but Peterson's web site is limited to google for some reason. This is where the nightmare begins. Trying to down this product has been the most frustrating computer experience I had since staving off any windows product back in the nineties. Peterson's web site is pretty much useless in giving any information on how to 'get all the ducks to line up' and the techs on the phone seem to think that 'it's not OUR problem, it must be something you are doing wrong'. So what I did learn though this whole sorted experience is that #1 make sure your using the latest version of chrome(automatic updates will not work with an apple computer) #2 you need to install separate software to be able to 'correct' to the web site #3 to initiate the down load , don't correct the tune until after you set up the software download other wise there is no other way to initiate it. Hope these tips help you out, it has been a very rough ride getting this done, I hope I like it.

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