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By Jai Salvatori on Monday, July 15, 2019
Edited on Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Plays 5 String Bass, Upright Bass, 6 String Bass, Double Bass, String Bass, Contrabass, 4 String Bass
An impressive tuner; The Peterson StroboClip surpasses my expectations. Pitch and Dynamic sensitivity are unmatched by any other clip-on tuners I have tried. Response time is very fast, even at barely audible levels.

No more fishing around the headstock on my 5-string bass guitar for response to different strings. The open low B takes only a few milliseconds to register. Chromatic pitch recognition is excellent. Harmonics and most fretted notes register equally. ...And while pinching-off a string at the 24th fret substantially deadens headstock vibration for any clip-on tuner, clipping the StroboClip onto the bridge or even a switch actuator, control knob, strap button or audio connector makes second octave intonation measurements quite possible.

For further testament to the StroboClip's sensitivity, it unexpectedly responds to faint harmonics inadvertently picked-off by my pizzicato fingers when muting a bass string, and this tuner responds to my bass guitar from open G on down after taking it off my instrument and laying it down on a desk while playing through a small nearby practice amp at low level. ...Holy acoustically coupled vibrations, Bassman!

The best part is that the tuning improvement typically gained with a clip-on tuner over the string-to-string harmonic zero-beat method is also surpassed by this unit. Thanks to Peterson's StroboClip pitch resolution, my bass guitar tuning is unexpectedly sweeter than ever before. ...And while I was originally a skeptic, I found the Bass Sweetener setting to be even better yet.

On another tip, the Peterson StroboClip has found use in my other lines of work, including a sax mouthpiece factory, where clipping onto a horn's bell allows us to check tuning range and tweak mouthpiece bore as necessary. ...It even works with pianos when clipped onto their lids, and it relentlessly registers tuning fork vibration faded to near inaudibility.

In closing, once you've tried a Peterson StroboClip, you'll probably be unsatisfied with anything else in its class. As a bassist, no other electronic clip-on tuner will do for me. ...Absolutely worth the higher price; Buying cheaper tuners has been a waste of my time & money.

P.S.- The StroboClip is firmly constructed and should live a nice long life in an instrument case, but the optional little rubberized zipper-case is great for safely carrying the tuner in various tool kits.

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