StroboClip HD
A must-have that's well worth it!
By Mark Luljak on Wednesday, August 7, 2019
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Best tuner I've ever had, short of the strobe tuner built into the Kemper Profiler. This is supposed to be as accurate, and it seems to be in practise. I'm really surprised that it can be so accurate just from being clipped on the headstock, but it does an -amazing- job. The guitars seriously sound so much better when tuned with this, as opposed to my Korg GA-1. And I don't have to jack in, which is a huge plus! (Still love the Kemper inline always-on tuner when I'm jacked in, though!) Once you've had strobe, you never want to go back to anything else, in my opinion. Love this piece of kit. Absolutely essential, and great value for the money!

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