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Can a tuner be too accurate ? For guitar ?
By Mats Eriksson on Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Edited on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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It has to be updated for these days Mac users and 64 bit. That have to happen real soon.

I have to hold back on upgrading my Mac, in order to keep Strobosoft working. Still version 2.1.1 on the Mac. But anyway. Way back on XP it worked a charm. As a guitarist bassist, one can wonder if some of these strobes, as well as competition are too meticulous or too accurate for a simple and shoddy thing like a guitar string. Any guitar string goes up in pitch initially, and then settles. Maybe not the D string which is the only one that keeps a very straight amplitude and doesn't go too slack/flat in pitch after several seconds. But this one is so sensitive, that on some instruments, the string's "reading" on the strobe changed as fast as one lightly touched the tuners on the headstock!

But it works perfectly if you should nail intonation on some instruments. Lots of set up options, but come on, does people really use Sweetened tunings, and Buzz Feiten anymore? Isn't that 1 or 2 cents here and there, really so subtle that it is neglible? Especially when considering the above with a guitar string that never stays in one pitch - cent wise - whenever whacking it, or plucking it lightly. But the setup of graphs and especially spectrum analyzer can do wonders, and makes you spot dead spots, and fundamentals on a bass for example. One can detect differences between brand new strings and old strings there. It's a HUGE difference. On old strings the reading of the fundamental drops almost instantly, and the upper harmonics (zzzing) are gone. New strings, well, one can SEE that they're brand new.

One gnarl, or idiosyncrasy I never got rid of, was that any Strobosoft verson I used, i e both on Mac, or PC, and no matter Sound interface, no matter buffer and sampling rate settings, no matter what instrument, I never got the open A-string on ANY guitar, bass to freeze or stay steady enough to tune up or intonate properly. I had to put a capo on, and intonate and tune to fretted notes. It was the same with the 5th fret on E-string. So it had to do with that particular frequency. I first checked everything, background noise, pickup height (I know pickups too close to strings makes the string wobble and causes unstable reading on any tuner) and setup, but the display just jumped quickly and nervously between A1, A2. A3 and the strobe could give you an epileptic seizure for less... I know one other person that bought the Strobosoft with totally different gear and set up, and it behaved the same. Numerous e-mails back and forth to support didn't actually help, and it just petersoned out (ha, punintended).

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