Body Beat Vibe Clip
Works well with StroboPLUS HD; may just splurge on a Body Beat Sync
By Robert Herrick on Monday, December 16, 2019

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I own another vibrating metronome that has been somewhat disappointing, and I really wanted to see if vibration can ever make for a good experience. I saw the Vibe Clip on sale during Black Friday and I had already put the metronome update on my StroboPLUS HD, so it seemed like an easy decision. I've used the Vibe Clip / StroboPLUS HD combination several times now and one thing I can say for sure is that the experience is better than the other vibrating metronome. I had worn the other on my wrist, my upper arm, my leg, put it in my pocket, etc., but none of those locations seemed to be as effective as when I clipped the Vibe to my belt the very first time. The StroboPLUS HD metronome upgrade is a remarkable metronome - far more flexible than the phone app that powered the other vibrating metronome. So at this point, I can certainly say that the Peterson combination outperforms the other one I have.

My only gripe about the Vibe Clip is that the cord is rather stiff. Plugged into my StroboPLUS HD, it seems like an accident waiting to happen. Others have mentioned that the Vibe Clip is very loud, but with it inside my belt, I don't hear much. I'm playing on a harp, too, so I would expect to hear a lot if it were there to hear.

The cord is a bummer, and I will say that the StroboPLUS HD upgrade is not as easily modified as the Body Beat Sync metronome is in the first place. So I'm considering just getting a Body Beat Sync, which (I suspect) will be close to the best of all worlds. The Body Beat Sync can clip to my pocket or belt, which will address my issue with the cord. Being able to hit buttons instead of a wheel will address the difficulty changing rhythms. Overall, I do think that Body Beat system is a winner.

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