Body Beat Sync
Unbelievable Electronic Metronome
By Kenneth L. Strattan on Friday, May 1, 2020
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I have only had the Body Beat Sync for one week. I really like the high quality of the unit. The unit comes with a USB cable, A removable clip for the back of the unit and the the cable for the Body Beat capsule. The unit can also be used with the built in speaker and it comes with a headphone jack. The battery is removable and is rechargeable via the included USB cable. This unit has all of the functions you would expect in a high quality metronome. It subdivides beats, it has can play in many different time signatures. And it has the most astonishing range of beats per minute I have ever seen. It plays from 10 beats a minutes up to 280 beats per minute. That is right 10 beats a minute Wow! It will also play beats that are not often found on a metronome it will play 120 BPM but, it will also play 120.2 BPM or 120.8 BPM or any other 10th of a beat. It has a tap feature on the tempo button that feels a little stiff but that might be because it is a new unit. The unit also comes with many other functions that I have not investigated in depth, but I know it has midi capacity and has a full array of common rhythms and beats. It also has the ability to be set as a master unit which can be used to master and sync other units. It can control an unlimited number of units over I believe 75 yards. All I could think of when I read that was March Band! I would love to try that out. All of the controls make sense and the unit is quite easy to use. I do not know but, I believe that the Body Beat Sync will give me many years of high quality reliable use. This is a case of a really good thing coming in a small package. I highly recommend this metronome without hesitation or reservation. I will update this review in a few months and let you know how it is working out.

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