StroboSoft 2.0
nearly perfect! I´d buy again, anytime
By Carsten Mattejat on Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Edited on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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I bought the strobosoft to get something accurate. While building guitars once in a while, it was always kinda difficult to me, to set the intonation right. LEDs are somehow "big" and the old VU-meter or analog devices were not my piece of gear. So I came across the strobosoft and it was awesome.
The settings were accurate now, I´ve got my hands free, everythings on a big screen / monitor and it´s working like a charm. I purchased it in 2009 and never regretted it.
I never tried the sweetened tunigs, because I´ll hear no difference - but that´s my ears and not the Strobosofts fault.
One thing, I must admit, it might get complicated if you dig deeper into the settings / tunings and I think, I´m now using only 30% of it´s features - but, who cares? The strings sounds right and that´s what makes a good tuner (to me...).
I also own a Strobostomp 2 and also this one works fantastic, but the display is kinda "nervous" to me. So, I prefer the "big one".
One thing I came across today is the support. I lost my HDD and didn´t save any serials or codes, nor did I save the software for later install. Just logged into my Peterson account, and 2 clicks later, I got the download link and the unlock-code and I´m back. No e-mail traffic to prove the purchase, was simply there. 8 years after purchase!!! Another point, why I would recommend this software anytime again.
As I mentioned above, not perfect, but nearby :-) Support gets the award for awesomeness (at least, in my opinion).
To get to the point: for the price of a lousy Boss or Ibanez FX pedal, you´ll get a first class tuner, full of features. Worth every penny!

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