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By Allan James E. on Saturday, August 25, 2018
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Plays 6-String Electric Guitar, 6-String Acoustic Guitar
I’ve been using iPhones since Day 1 of iPhone 1. (For the record, the First Generation iPhone was released for sale in the USA on June 29, 2007). Since that day I’ve owned numerous iDevices, far too many Apps and a hefty chunk of Apple stock.

I’ve also learned what it takes to make a high-quality iOS App and iStroboSoft is on point.

I have to admit; the first time I used iStroboSoft, I was a bit confused, but the fault is mine for not having read the App Guide. So I did and for the first time after 30+ years of playing guitar I finally learned how to properly tune my guitar(s). I tuned my guitars, then my friend and next-door neighbor’s guitars and sold him on iStroboSoft on the spot.

Go ahead, use a free or $.99 tuner on your iOS device. Just don’t forget you’re getting exactly what you paid for. Then, when you’re all done playing with toys and feel you’re ready for a real guitarist’s tool, iStroboSoft is what you’re seeking.

Highest Recommendation!

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