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What I love about Peterson Tuners they always correspond to what my ear says is in tune; never really noticed that until I used a Peterson Strobe Tuner.... The display is wonderful on this StroboPLUS HD; it really allows you to work on your tuning in ways that you may never have in the past: such as the intonation and all things that are part, of tuning electric guitars, which can be very tedious, depending on the guitar. Some of those bridges, old Floyd Roses are a treat of tediousness to work on.

With a Stratocaster you are always tuning up against spring tension; if those springs are old or even subject to cold or inactivity, they, the springs can respond in unique ways, but with the large easy to read always accurate Peterson StroboPLUS you can put in the work needed, on difficult guitars, and know that your work will be rewarded with a well tuned guitar. With other turners you can be as far off as 12 cents from top to bottom, and if you are tuning over long periods of time -- doing adjustment work -- you need a reliable tuner, and the StroboPLUS is that: a reliable, dependable, easy to use, accurate, easy to read tuner....

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