AutoStrobe 490
By Camelot Productions on Sunday, January 23, 2011
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This strobe tuner is by far the best tuner on the market. The cost is more, but you get what you pay for. I use it for piano tuning, and plan to upgrade later to the 490ST for stretch tuning, but for now I use this one. It is nice and portable, and easy to use. The buttons on the front are what I use for my temperament, and it automatically shows the other octaves on the same screen, making it so easy to use for piano tuning. I just love it! I use this in the studio where things have to be exact. It's really cool that it has other "Keys" for other instuments, which will come in handy for when I am recording classical quartets. It's invaluable for any studio. The face surface is nice too, since it doesn't allow for any kind of liquid to get into buttons if there is a spill or something splashes on it. It also elliminates dust from getting into the buttons and causing them to wear out prematurly. It's rugged case is made to last quite a while, and the handle/stand is a great feature, as it locks into place at different places to use to carry or as a stand that won't slide back down like the non-locking stands. I would suggest any musician that cares about accuracy get this unit.

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