StroboClip HD
Accurate, BUT lousy ergonomics
By Stephen Antonucci on Thursday, October 26, 2017
Edited on Monday, November 6, 2017

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I started playing stringed instruments long time ago, when there were no electronic tuners. We used pitch pipe and A or E tuning forks and our ear. I think I have owned most of the popular tuners on the market over the years. My studio has so many tuners around it is not funny. I own the older Peterson Strobe clip-on as well. I have most of the Snark models, TC Electronic Polytune Clip-on, TC Electronic Unitune Clip-on, PetersonPlusHD and a few others. I also have several pedal tuners as well. So you can say I am well experienced with tuners.

The StrobeClip HD is highly accurate and I like that it can have presets with Sweetner for tuning different instruments. The display is nice and the tuning is fast.

Peterson got the tough stuff right, but failed miserably on a few things that make the STROBOCLIP HD hard to use on stage. The Power button placement is ridiculous and obviously not thought out. Placing such a small button in-between two others that can make the unit change function makes it extremely hard to use. PLUS you need to hold down the button to turn it on.

Next, the clip is not large enough to fit the headstock for some Classical guitars. Not to mention there are no sweetners for Classical Nylon string guitars. The way has limited swivel and movement is also not great. The entire clip assembly looks weak and I am afraid it will break off.

I will end up only using this tuner at home in bright lit rooms. Since it cost more than any Snark or TC Electronic tuners that is not great.

Peterson, I like your tuners, but please fix this one!

Peterson was nice enough to replace my StrobeClip HD with a new version that has added a raised on/off button. This makes the tuner far easier to use especially on a darker stage. The new firmware also does not allow you to change setting by accident if up do hit the wrong button. Peterson has pointed out that there are sweetners for Classical Nylon string guitars although hard to fine if you don't know what to look for.

I raised my my review to 4 stars. I am still not too happy with the clip as it is hard to use this with my one Nylon string guitar as the clip is really not large enough. Peterson said they will be changing the clip on a future update.

Thanks Peterson!

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