iStroboSoft (Android)
Misleadingly Advertised, Handicapped Tuner
By Don Mazone on Thursday, February 28, 2019
Edited on Friday, March 1, 2019
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Peterson Website
Plays 6-String Electric Guitar, 6-String Acoustic Guitar
I just downloaded this and discovered that it doesn't actually include the sweetened tunings advertised in the pictures for iStroboSoft! Peterson says, "iStrobosoft... Get it on Google Play." But, the severely handicapped Google Play version isn't the same as the iOS version! And, the differences between two apps, which use the same name, is NOT made clear in the ads! Please, refund me. I already own StroboSoft for PC. (Please, update it to 64 bit and create proper 64bit VST for it! I can not stress that request enough.) I only bought iStroboSoft for the convenience of having a Peterson equipped with sweetened tunings handy with my phone. Very disappointed. Change the name of the Android version. Or, in your ads, put up big, bright, red text that reads "DOES NOT INCLUDE SWEETENED TUNINGS". Whatever you do, please, make the distinctions between the two apps clear in your advertisements. I'm rating this at zero stars (but, they'll probably round you up to one). * By the way, I ordered this tuner tonight after receiving your e-mail ad about the ACU (Jame Taylor) tuning. Here is a line from the e-mail ad you sent me: "This set of offsets resulted in the ACU Sweetener that is now standard in every current Peterson tuner." Well, on your website, iStrobosoft Mobile (for Android) is clearly listed as one of your strobe tuners. Yet, contrary to what you wrote in your e-mail, it doesn't actually have the ACU Sweetener.

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