AutoStrobe 490-ST
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By Pellerino Lorenzo on Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Autostrobe 490-ST is a very precise tuner and can be a valuable aid in the work, even for an expert tuner technician with a very refined ear. It also allows you to perform a piano tuning satisfactorily and in a shorter time than you can in other conditions.
Sometimes the reading of the stroboscopic disc is a bit 'difficult and the image is not clear. Probably this also depends on the quality of the instrument to be tuned. Perhaps the problem could be solved by using a suitable microphone.
Autostrobe 490-ST can also exercise the human ear to improve the ability to perceive even the smallest nuances of sound and allow you to make tunings always specific to each instrument as each has its own timbre, its voice and its defects like every single human being.
Even if we are at very high levels, that research continues ...

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