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The BodyBeat Sync® represents the ultimate in musical tempo reference devices. As a fully featured metronome, it is capable of transmitting the beat by visual, aural and tactile means. Wireless functionality allows two or more BodyBeat Syncs to work in synchronicity with one another, allowing the networking of multiple units on stage, in the recording studio, band room or anywhere the precise synchronization of a performance and its performers is required.

The BodyBeat Sync can store up to 100 user presets consisting of tempo, meter, subdivision and accent pattern. All preset information is transmitted to each synchronized unit as well as the current bar count of the active preset. If the 100 user presets do not provide enough versatility, the “tempo map” from an entire musical score can be stored in the BodyBeat Sync via the mini USB cable. A standard MIDI file can be used or a custom “tempo map” can be designed via the free application on the BodyBeat Sync website.

Additionally, the BodyBeat Sync can be driven by a DAW using MIDI Clock via the mini USB cable.

The mini USB connection is not only used to charge the BodyBeat Sync, but provides a means for always keeping the unit’s firmware current. You will never need another metronome!


The BodyBeat Sync features a complex metronome engine capable of producing endless combinations of rhythmic patterns. Meter or Time Signature parameters are independently adjustable allowing 1 - 12 beats per measure over a beat value of 2, 4, 8 or 16. Subdivision selections are based on the chosen beat value and will display correctly notated for 1 beat.


Selectable Accent Patterns vary upon the number of beats per measure and allow for the division of longer beat counts into groups of 2 and 3 ( every possible combination included ). Tempo can be adjusted from 10 - 280 BPM.


The BodyBeat Sync has the ability to form synchronized, wireless groups of unlimited members. Any BodyBeat Sync can either function as a "Master" unit within a group, or as a “Sync” unit or member.

Creating or joining a group is simple. Once a group is formed, each member or leader of the group will remember its group and its role within the group even when shut off and on.

Members of a group of BodyBeat Sync Metronomes will stay perfectly synchronized within a 100 yard radius of the master.


Individually formed groups of metronomes will not interfere with each other as they operate on wireless network protocol. For example, this group of 9 BodyBeat Sync metronomes can operate as 3 seperate networks of 3 members within the same room.


With just two BodyBeat Sync Metronomes, a network can be created to wirelessly control a fixed-location unit that is patched into an amplification system. This eliminates the need to run long lengths of cable to the rear of a rehearsal space.


There are 14 additional Presets beyond the initial 100 user definable memory locations in the BodyBeat Sync that are named rather than numbered. These additional presets are two bar patterns in which only the tempo setting is editable/storeable.

2-3 and 3-2 presets of Son, Rumba and Bossa clave patterns are provided in 4/4 and 6/8. Common bell patterns such as Cascara and Agogo are also available in both clave directions.


The BodyBeat Sync offers a new approach on typical metronome use by producing a pulsing vibration allowing musicians to easily internalize the beat and develop a note value relationship both audibly and physically.

For convenience, the BodyBeat Sync can clip onto the belt line and a small separate “vibe clip” transmits the beat, in the form of a pulse (including subdivisions and accents) directly to the user.

The BodyBeat Sync can also be used like an ordinary metronome with audible and visual modes making it suitable for all musicians.


The BodyBeat Sync is capable of storing 9 MIDI Tempo Maps in its local memory. A MIDI Tempo Map is a MIDI file that has been imported into the BodyBeat Sync via the BodyBeat Sync USB software. Once imported, only the meter changes, tempo changes and number of bars are stored in the BodyBeat Sync memory. Up to 999 bars can be stored in each of nine memory locations.

MIDI Tempo Maps can also be created from scratch using a free online application on the BodyBeat Sync website. Create up to 999 bars of meter and tempo information with the intuitive ‘drag and drop’ interface. View your creation as a chart or list of tempo and meter events.

Form Factor: Handheld / Wear-able

Tempo Range: 10 - 280 Quarter Notes per Minute

Meters: 1-12 / 2,4,8,16

Subdivisions: Over 23 Meter Specific

Tempo Maps: 9 Banks of 1000 Bars Each

Display Type: LCD

Product Dimensions LxWxH: 4.25" x 3" x 1"

Product Weight: 0.85lbs

USB Port: Yes

USB Type: Mini

Rechargeable: Yes

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Power: AC ( USB ) 5V 500 mA

Built-In Microphone: No

Built-In Speaker: Yes

Volume Control: Yes

Headphone Jack: Yes

Outputs: 3.5mm Headphone, Auxillary, Vibe Clip

Tone Generator: C1 to C8

Concert A Range: Tone Generator 390Hz - 490 Hz

Warranty: 1 Year

User Presets: 100

How do I attach the belt clip to my BodyBeat Sync.

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Updating the BBS firmware

To update the firmware on the BodyBeat Sync, you will need to download two separate files.

The USB Software/Loader is required to load the firmware into the Sync. This will be a .msi installer file for Windows or a .dmg installer file for Mac OS X. Select the one you need for your computer below.

1. Download and install the USB Software/Firmware Loader Utility:

(OS X 10.5+): Download Mac

(Win XP/Vista/Windows 7): Download Windows

2. Download the latest firmware release: DOWNLOAD THE FIRMWARE HERE.

The actual firmware will be a .bin file. This file is the same for both Mac and Windows systems. Download this file and make note of where your computer locates it. You will need to navigate to it in the steps below. YOU ARE NOT DONE. PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS BELOW TO LOAD THE FIRMWARE INTO THE BODYBEAT SYNC.

Firmware Installation Instructions: 1. Turn off your BodyBeat Sync before connecting it to your computer.

2. Press and hold the Tempo button while connecting the BodyBeat Sync to your computer using the provided USB cable. (If your BodyBeat Sync does not power on automatically, press and hold the Tempo Button, then press and hold the Start/Stop Button to power on.)

3. Once connected, the BodyBeat Sync will power on in Update Mode, and the Updating Icon will appear in the lower right corner of the LCD display after the computer recognizes and installs the device automatically.

4. Open the BodyBeat Sync USB software. (Windows XP users only: you will need to manually select "USB Audio Device" for the MIDI In and MIDI Out tabs near the top of the software window.)

5. The Load button (lower right-hand side) will initially be greyed out, but once the software connects with the Sync, it will become active. Click Load and browse to the location on your computer where you saved the downloaded firmware update. Select the file to auto-load it.

6. When the update is finished, unplug the USB cable, power the unit off and then turn it back on to complete the process.

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Turning the BBS off.

Contrary to a few reviews online, the BBS-1 does indeed power off by holding the Shift button and the Start/Stop button together for 2 seconds.

This process is also outlined on page 12 of the BBS-1 instruction manual below. BodyBeat Sync Manual BodyBeat Sync Manual The Shift Button is located between the two arrow buttons and is colored the same as the Start/Stop button.

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What is the difference between the USB software and firmware?

The BodyBeat Sync BBS-1 metronome is firmware updatable. This means that new features and updates can be loaded into the internal memory of the BBS-1 via the USB port. The latest firmware for you BBS-1 can always be downloaded from our website and we will send email notification to registered users when new firmware is available.

The BodyBeat Sync USB Software is the application that is used on your PC or Mac to transfer the firmware to the BBS-1 hardware via the USB cable. This software can also be used to transfer MIDI Tempo Maps to your BBS-1.

Think of the firmware as the data that runs your BBS-1, and the USB Software as a vehicle to get that data to your BBS-1 Metronome.

Download the latest BBS-1 USB Software for your operating system using the icons below.

Download the latest firmware here. Peterson Strobe Tuners - mac_pc_computer_logo Peterson Strobe Tuners - mac_pc_computer_logo

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What should I do if my new Peterson product doesn't seem to work properly?

If you've first tried all of the solutions offered here, please contact Peterson directly. It is important that you do NOT return the product to the store in which you purchased it without Peterson instructing you to do so. If your unit is problematic, we would like to limit the chances of another customer purchasing the returned unit. Always arrange for product service or replacement directly with Peterson.

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BodyBeat Sync Utility for Windows
BodyBeat Sync Utility for OS X
BodyBeat Firmware Version 1.3.3
BodyBeat Pulse Solo 800x800

BodyBeat Pulse Solo


The BodyBeat Pulse™ Solo extends the extremely popular Peterson BodyBeat’s tactile tempo feedback to a very affordable device that uses the audio output of any metronome app or traditional metronome that has a headphone output jack. The “Pulse” can also deliver accented beats for subdivisions when used with the Peterson BodyBeat Metronome App (iOS) or other Peterson-approved apps (iOS & Android). Feel the beat from the BodyBeat Pulse™ Solo Clip!



BodyBeat Sync battery

BodyBeat Sync Replacement Battery BL-4B 3.7V


OEM replacement battery for the BodyBeat Sync metronome. Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium-Ion. (Not to be used with StroboPlus HD.)



Ptch Holder Assembly 800x800

StroboPlus HD Pitch Holder Assembly


Complete assembly for mounting the StroboPlus HD to a mic stand, music stand, or pedal steel leg. The Pitch Holder clamp and swivel mount are included. Can also be used with the BodyBeatSync metronome.



StroboPlus Swivel Mount

Swivel Mount for StroboPlus HD


Swivel Mount for attaching StroboPlus HD to Pitch Holder clamp. Designed for mounting to a mic stand, music stand, or pedal steel leg. Can also be used with the BodyBeatSync metronome.



BBS-1 Power Supply US USB

USB AC Adapter/Charger


USB Charger for: - BodyBeat Sync® metronome. - StroboPlus HD 5V/.5A



Sync White Vibe Clip

BodyBeat Vibe Clip


Remote Vibrating Clip for: • BB-1 BodyBeat Metronome • BBS-1 BodyBeat Sync • StroboPlus HD Color is white.



Clamp for attaching StroboFli0p to mic stands, music stands or steel guitar legs.

Pitch Holder


Pitch Holder™ mounting bracket for the: • StroboPlus HD • StroboFlip tuner • BBS-1 Body Beat Sync



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