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V-SAM™ - Virtual Strobe Technology with Tone Generator and Metronome


The Peterson V-SAM™ presents a combination of programmable Virtual Strobe™ tuner, audio tone generator, and metronome in a hand-held format. It marries the revolutionary Virtual Strobe Technology™, first introduced in the VS-1 tuner, with a new, brighter, high-contrast display.

Built to be Better
The V-SAM's "tuner mode" expands upon the Peterson VS-1™ with an even wider variety of alternate temperaments and the ability to select temperament tonal roots. In addition, the user can create and store custom temperaments and use them with the same flexibility as preset ones.

The V-SAM automatically detects a note being played in real-time and is accurate to 1/1000th of a semitone. It can transpose displayed notes based on any of 12 scale notes.

Peterson Strobe Tuners - VSAM Tune
The ultra-wide 390.0Hz to 490.0Hz range of the V-SAM's Concert A pitch reference makes it the premium choice for "Early Music" instruments such as harpsichord, lute, recorder, and Baroque flute.

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The "Bass Shift" feature allows effortless tuning of double bass (including instruments with fingerboard extensions), tuba, and euphonium. A built-in speaker is included for the audio tone generator/tuner, and a pre-amplified signal is provided to drive a P.A. or headphones.

Ground-Breaking Options
These new and expanded features permit definitive measurement and control of the intonation of orchestral instruments, allowing tuning and real-time scale rehearsal for stringed instruments such as violin, cello, and concert harp as well as all brass and woodwind instruments in all keys, all tonal roots, and all temperaments-a worldwide first!

The high-output tone generator within the V-SAM offers 10 octaves of audible tones, which conform to a selected preset or custom temperament and are adjustable in 0.1 cent increments. This permits ear-training possibilities previously unavailable in a hand-held device.

Peterson Strobe Tuners - VSAM Tone Generator
Versatile Metronome
The V-SAM's audio/visual metronome allows tap or dial-in tempo, adjustable beats per measure, beat subdivisions, and a stopwatch function. An exclusive INTRO feature automatically silences the audible output of the metronome after a pre-selected number of measures-perfect for setting a clean start and tempo without being "handcuffed" to the metronome beat for an entire song! All settings can be saved as power-on defaults.

The Peterson V-SAM is housed in a durable rubber boot with a detachable, adjustable stand and powered by batteries or the supplied AC adapter, making it a very rugged yet portable device. Optional extras include a TP-2™ clip-on pickup and a handsome, embroidered carrying case.

Peterson Strobe Tuners - VSAM Metronome
The combination of Peterson's incredible Virtual Strobe Technology with full tuner programmability, audio tones, and feature-filled metronome makes the V-SAM a versatile resource for the busy band director and a "must have" for any classroom, practice room, or marching field!

Feature Snapshot
  • Strobe Tuner, Tone Generator and Metronome Modes
  • Adjustable to All Keys, Tonal Roots and Temperaments
  • Savable Settings such as Temperament, Key, Metronome and Default Settings
  • Brighter, High Contrast Display
  • Built-In Speaker for 10 Octave Audio Tuner and Metronome
  • Metronome with Tap Tempo, Adjustable Subdivisions, and Beats/Measure as well as Intro Feature
  • Smooth, Instantaneous Tuning Response
  • Quick-Touch™ Rotary Knob for Fast, Easy Use
  • Automatic or Manual Note Selection
  • Selectable Historical Temperaments Including Just
  • Exclusive Sweetened™ Tempered Guitar Tuning
  • Extended Bass Mode lets you tune down to 4hz!
  • Large Note Display With Transposition To All Chromatic Keys
  • Built-In Microphone for Acoustic Instruments
  • Rubber Boot for Better Grip and Added Protection.
  • 2-Way Stand Permits Flat, Angled, Or Vertical Wall Hung Positioning
  • Automatic Octave Register Adjustment - Widest, Most Readable, Strobe Bands Are Automatically Displayed For Any Octave. Unusable Bands Are Automatically Blanked.
  • Easy Note Display Transposition - To Any Of 12 Chromatic Keys. Peterson Introduces A Fret Transposition Scale™ (FTS) For Clearer Key Transposition With Fretted Instruments.
  • Carrying Case And External Pick-Ups/Mics Available.

Temperaments Included: Equal, Pythagorean, Just Major, Quarter Comma Meantone, 1/6th Comma Meantone, Kirnberger III, Werckmeister III, Young, Kellner, GTR™ Rameau, Valotti, GTR, ACU, 12STR, BFE, BFA, BFB, BF12, DADGAD, BAS™, E9 Tempered Steel Guitar, C6 Tempered Steel Guitar, 8 User Programmable Temperaments
Accuracy: 0.1 Cent (1/1000 Semitone)
Metronome: 40-250 Beats/Minute
Concert A Range: 390.0 - 490.0Hz (Adjustable In 0.5 Hz Increments)
Visual Tuner Range: Normal Mode - 31Hz (C1) To 6272Hz (G8). Bass Shift Mode - 8Hz (C-1) To 2033Hz (B6).
Audio Tuner Range: Normal Mode - 16Hz (C0) To 7902Hz (B8). Bass Shift Mode - 4Hz (C-2) To 2033 (B6).
I/O: 1/4" Stereo/Mono Jack, 1/4" External Input Jack
Power: 3 AA Batteries Or Included Universal Adapter (90VAC~240VAC)
Size: 7.5"H X 4.3"W X 2.3" D
Weight: 1.2 Pounds / 0.5kg
Shipping Weight: 2.1 Pounds
Warranty: 1 Year From Date Of Purchase

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Updated to current V-SAM spec
V-SAM 2008 Manual
The term V-SAM is a registered trademark of Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc.


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