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The Strobe Center™ 5000-II is the most advanced tuning device ever developed! This easy and fun-to-use tuner links the proven 12-window strobe-tuning method to precision microprocessor digital and motor control technologies, providing a versatile tuning instrument with unsurpassed accuracy and features. Its simple and intuitive operation makes it a pleasure for all music educators, music students, musical instrument maintenance professionals, manufacturers, and others to use with precision tuning applications.

The Strobe Center 5000-II is the newest in the line of digitally-precise, 12-wheel (one strobe per scale note) tuners produced by Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. These tuners permit hands-free, instantaneous imaging of note pitches as well as simultaneous viewing of harmonies and overtone frequencies in sounds. In addition, programmable and preset alternate temperaments and piano stretch tunings make the SC-5000 II a truly universal tuning device!

Manufacturers and musical instrument maintenance professionals will be pleased by the extraordinary versatility of the Peterson Strobe Center 5000. Simple LCD menu displays with four function key switches easily address all the multifaceted functions of the SC-5000. Seven historic tunings/temperaments are preprogrammed into the tuner for simple recall and use in specialized applications. The tuner includes several built-in stretch tables, which may be used for tuning pianos (or other slightly inharmonic instruments). You may enter your own preferred custom temperaments and custom stretch tables to the user definable memory of the tuner.

Proper intonation by music students has come under increased scrutiny in recent years. Now, correct intonation can easily be taught to all musicians! Musicians can practice with the Peterson Strobe Center 5000™ and can even be shown the tuning of the upper harmonics and partial tones of the notes they are playing. Keeping these upper partial tones correctly tuned is a tremendous aid to improved tone quality for all musicians. Intonation of the higher partial tones can only be seen correctly when using the 12-window strobe-tuning method. By using any of the alternate temperament files, advanced musicians can be taught to perform early music with Just Intonation for the major and minor chords, with Pythagorean Tuning, or from any other custom tuning file you may desire to program into the tuner.

Feature Snapshot
  • Visual Range: Seven octaves from C=16.352 Hz to B=3951.064 Hz; eight octaves when using the Display +2/-1 feature.
  • Accuracy: Equal temperament scale, all preprogrammed alternate temperaments, built-in stretch tuning tables, user definable temperaments, and stretch tuning tables are guaranteed to be within 1 / 10 of 1 / 100 of a semitone (1 / 10 of one cent, or 0.006%)
  • Key Selection: Choice of Bb, F, Eb (in addition to C) key signatures for instruments not tuned in C. Strobe patterns display in the note window corresponding to the note sounded for instruments tuned in, B B, F, E B, and C.
  • Strobe Disc Drives: Each of the 12 strobe discs is driven by an individual microprocessor-controlled computer-grade motor.
  • Preprogrammed Temperaments: Equal temperament, Pythagorean Tuning, Just Intonation-Major Mode, Just Intonation-Minor Mode, Quarter Comma Mean-Tone, Werckmeister-111, Kimberger-Iii, and Young Temperaments.
  • Built-In Stretch Tuning Tables For Concert Grand, Studio Grand, Small Grand, Full Upright, Console Upright, and Spinet Pianos.
  • Custom Definable Memory - Capacity for either 225 custom temperament files, 32 custom stretch tables, or a combination (such as 112 custom temperaments and 16 custom stretch files.)

Electrical Specifications - Operates On 105-125 Or 210-240 Volts Ac 50/60 Hz. Sensitive Built-In Condenser Microphone. 1/4" Jack Input—For External Microphone (E.G. Peterson Part #: 170172) Or Pick-Up—With Mute-Controlled Patch-Through Output.

Controls - Power On/Off Switch (Rear Panel,) Digital Pitch Vernier Up/Down Switches, Mute, Enter, Display +2/-1 Selection, Key Selector, 4 Menu-Controlled Function Switches, Electro-Luminescent Lcd Screen With 80 Characters, 12 Strobe-Wheel Tuning Windows Each Labeled With The Corresponding Note Of The Chromatic Musical Scale.

Size: 71/2" X 21 1/4" X 141/4" (19.Lcm X 54.Ocm X 36.2cm) Custom Crafted Wood Case Covered In Black Moroccan Grain, Scuff Resistant Leatherette. Detachable Cover Includes Retainer For Removable Power Cord.

Net Weight: 26 Pounds (1 1.8 Kg)

Shipping Weight: 29 Pounds (13.2 Kg)

Guarantee: Instrument Is Guaranteed To Be Free Of Defects In Material Or Workmanship For A Period Of One Year From The Date Of Sale. During This Period We Will, At Our Option, Repair Or Replace Any Instrument Free Of Charge, Provided The Warranty Card Supplied With The Instrument Is Returned To The Factory Within Thirty Days Of The Date Of Sale To The Original Purchaser. This Warranty Gives You Specific Legal Rights, And You May Have Other Rights Which Vary From State To State.

Made In The U.S.A.
U.S. Patent #5,877,443

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* The above suggestions do not in any way imply the product mentioned is limited to these instruments. They only focus on certain features of the product and how they may be beneficial to that particular user. If you have a question before purchase, please contact us.

  • Easy Transposition To The Key Of C — Strobe Patterns Appear At The Correct Note For All Instruments In B B, F, E B And C.
  • Selectable +2/-1 Pattern Shift For Upper And Lower Register Notes— Shifts The Strobe Patterns Into The More Visible Middle Ranges. Bass Notes Are Lifted 2 Octave Bands, And Treble Notes Are Dropped 1 Octave Band In The Strobe Displays.
  • Digital Fine-Tuning Pitch Control For Precise Measurement Of Intonation Accuracy.
  • Tuning Accuracy Better Than 1/10 Of 1/100 Semitone — Accurate To 1/10 Of A Cent, Or 0.006%
  • Calibration To Any Pitch Standard — A=440 Default.

  • Independent Microprocessor -Controlled Strobe Discs Allow Unprecedented Versatility.
  • Quiet Operation — No Noisy Gear Drives.
  • Light Sources - Led Strobe.
  • No Calibration Or Warm Up Period Required.
  • All Solid State.
  • Self-Contained Condenser Microphone.
  • External Patch-Through Input With Mute.
  • Rugged Carrying Case With Cover.
  • Dual Voltage 110 V Or 220 V.

SC5000-II Instruction Manual English
SC5000-II English
SC5000-II Instruction addendum English
SC5000-II Addendum English
SC5000-II Instruction Manual German deutsch
SC5000-II deutsch
The term SC5000-II is a registered trademark of Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc.

The SC-5000 II™ includes the following hardware and software enhancements over the original Strobe Center 5000™ 12-wheel tuner:

IMPROVED IMAGE CLARITY — Changes in signal conditioning circuitry provide a cleaner, more random, blank image when no specific acoustic input is sounding and a clearer "stopped image" when a tone is present.

FACTORY-PRESET PIANO STRETCH TUNINGS INCLUDED — The SC-5000 has always permitted the creation and storage of stretch files for use in tuning pianos, harps, steel pan, and other instruments. Now 8 factory preset stretch files—spanning from spinets to concert grand pianos—have been added to greatly reduce or eliminate the activity required to make use of this feature for piano tuning.

AIR FILTERING AND FAN COOLING ENHANCEMENTS — Air for cooling is now blown in through a snap-on fan filter to help maintain long-term motor life. The filter is easily removed for cleaning or replacing. Other cooling system changes have noticeably reduced the overall amount of "run noise" or acoustic noise that the unit produces when running. This, in turn, permits clearer strobe images at lower dynamic levels.

AUTOMATED CONTRAST CONTROL AND EASIER CLARITY CONTROL -To accommodate wide variations in dynamic level, the previous incarnation of the SC-5000 provided a 16-level user control of contrast. This function is now internally automated to make optimum viewing much more simple and straightforward. Optimizing for very high or low frequency sounds is still under manual control but is now a "one button" operation. In addition, electronic filtering advancements greatly reduce the need to ever exit the "HI" clarifier selection (which is the factory power-up default).

FAST CENT VALUE ADVANCING — Beginning with software revision 1.05: While controlling either global cent offset in the RUN screen or individual note offsets under the File menus, pressing both the up and down arrow buttons simultaneously will provide an immediate "reset value to 0" operation. When either button is depressed and held to continuously increment or decrement these cent values, advancement will proceed, after one initial step, at 5 times the currently set resolution. These new features help to speed manipulation of the cents parameter.

The term SC5000-II is a registered trademark of Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc.


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