StroboPLUS HD Metronome Upgrade
Not shabby, but I think I need a Vibe
By Robert Herrick on Thursday, August 22, 2019

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I was very hesitant to purchase this metronome upgrade, because forty bucks for what amounts to an app seems a bit ridiculous in the age of $3 apps. Having said that, this is a ludicrously capable metronome. I cannot imagine a rhythm I'll need that the metronome couldn't put out. In fact, I put together a couple of rhythms just to test my ability to follow them. For what it's worth, I didn't do very well with 12/8 subdivided as sixteenth notes at 120 BPM. Who would have thought?

Now that I have played with this upgrade for a couple of weeks, I do believe that it is probably worth the price, but I now kind of wish that I'd just spent the money on an actual Body Beat Sync device instead. I can get to all aspects of the rhythm in this upgrade - just like I can on the Body Beat - but the Body Beat has dedicated buttons to get to each part. This upgrade has to work through a single click-wheel. The interface is clunky. I fully expect I'll end up making a lot of presets so that I don't have to do the setup more than once. I also believe that I'll need to buy the Body Beat Vibe clip. The StroboPlus HD can get pretty loud, but I don't really want to listen to it that loud. It is, however, very convenient not to have to carry around two devices.

One last comment is that the Body Beat Vibe accessory will work better with the upgrade than the Body Beat Pulse Solo. I called Peterson around quitting time one day to ask that question and was routed to the Vice President of the company (who is a gem of a guy, by the way). He steered me away from the Pulse to the Vibe because the Vibe will be able to vibrate subdivisions with different feelings. The Pulse will not. Keep that in mind if you want a vibrating clip to go with this upgrade.

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