Peterson StroboPlus HD™ Step-By-Step – Basic Tuner functions for Pedal Steel Guitar

The StroboPlus HD musical instrument tuner contains several presets for 10- and 12-string pedal steel guitar, commonly known as the Newman Tuning Chart and the Emmons Tuning Chart, covering E9, C6, and Universal tuning for pedal steel guitar.

What does this mean?

The tuner contains the tuning values for each open string, pedal and lever of a steel guitar with a choice of Newman or Emmons systems. Using such a preset means achieving precise, repeatable tunings and never having to remember a list of numbers or carry a chart. You can tune “straight up” by choosing the EQU preset, Newman-style by choosing the SE9 presets or Emmons-style by choosing the EM presets. The tuner does the rest. In short, the tuner automatically knows when to indicate whether or not an open string, pedal or lever position is correctly in tune. This also includes compensation for cabinet drop, so there is no need to add any extra adjustment.

How does the tuning indicator work?

The semi-circular pattern rotates clockwise to indicate sharp and counter-clockwise to indicate flat. When the image hovers or stops, the note is in tune.

The Newman System Presets

Pedal steel guitarist and educator Jeff Newman devised a system of tuning which is popular with a great number of steel guitarists. Peterson tuners feature these tuning system presets as a standard. When such a preset is selected, the StroboPlus tuner handles E9, C6 and Universal tuning in the Newman style.

The Emmons Guitar Co. Presets

The Emmons Guitar Co. system is also included in the StroboPlus tuner. When selected, the StroboPlus tuner handles E9 and C6 tuning in the Emmons style.

Connecting the Tuner to the Steel Guitar

Using a guitar cable, connect the StroboPlus HD input socket (right side marked with arrow) to the output socket of the steel guitar.


Use the optional StroboPlus Pitch Holder mounting bracket to attach the tuner to the changer-side leg of the pedal steel.



Press the 031214_2008_5.png button.