The Art of Sweetened Tuning — African Pentatonic

Peterson tuners feature unique Sweetener™ presets not found in any other brand of tuner. This comes from an almost 70-year legacy reaching back to the dawn of popular music as we know it today.

Peterson StroboPlus HDDecades of research and the experience of musicians the world over has led to the creation of the “Sweetener”, a system of preset tuning offsets designed for specific instruments, only available on Peterson tuners, and used worldwide wherever precise and professional results are expected.

The distinctive African Pentatonic scale is used in the traditional music of Ghana and is typically played on marimba, mbira or kalimba-type instruments. The AFP Sweetener is transcribed to G-A-B-D-F and is tempered to match the traditional pitch intervals used in Ghana, which differ radically from those of Equal temperament. This AFP Sweetener can be easily modulated by using the Drop/Capo control on Peterson tuners. With the 030614_2155_4.pngAFP Sweetener active, tuning to GABDF with a Drop value of -1 results in F#-Ab-Bb-C#-E. Likewise, tuning to GABDF with a Capo value of +1 results in Ab-Bb-C-Eb-F# and so on. In all cases, the distinctive interval tempering will remain intact.

African Pentatonic

For African Pentatonic, use the AFP Sweetener™.

The default tuning is G-A-B-D-F. Preset notes are pitched in the traditional style.





Current Peterson tuners featuring the AFP Sweetener setting described above include:

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