The Art of Sweetened Tuning–Ukulele

Peterson tuners feature unique Sweetener™ presets not found in any other brand of tuner. This comes from an almost 70-year legacy reaching back to the dawn of popular music as we know it today.

Decades of research and the experience of musicians the world over has led to the creation of the “Sweetener”, a system of preset tuning offsets designed for specific instruments, only available on Peterson tuners, and used worldwide wherever precise and professional results are demanded.

Fretted instruments often suffer from tuning problems due to string deflection. Equal temperament, the only system found on most if not all other brands of tuners, was conceived in a time when fretted instruments not taken as seriously by the music industry as they are today. This temperament makes no such allowances for string deflection, leaving the player to tweak by trial and error until the instrument sounds good and in-tune. Peterson tuners are in a different league, featuring ready-made and specifically tailored solutions for the exacting musician whose ear is not satisfied with just being “in the ballpark”. Each Sweetener preset is designed to compensate for the physical attributes of a particular instrument type.

Sweeteners featured in the SP-1 Peterson StroboPlus tuner and other Peterson tuners include one for ukulele. This tuner is capable of being updated with new features as they become available. Check the Peterson Connect site for periodic updates.

 4-String Ukulele

  Example: Kamaka™, Pahu Kani™, Kala™, Kanile’a, Martin™, Gibson™,    Weissenborn™

For gCEA tuning, use the UKE Sweetener™ preset.


Current Peterson tuners featuring the Sweetener setting above include:

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Gibson is a registered trademark of the Gibson Guitar Corp.

Kala is a registered trademark of Kala Brand Music Inc.

Kamaka is a registered trademark of Kamaka Hawaii Inc.

Pahu Kani is a registered trademark of Pahu Kani Ukulele Hawaii

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