The Art of Sweetened Tuning — Banjo


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Peterson tuners feature unique Sweetener™ presets not found in any other brand of tuner. This comes from an almost 70-year legacy that reaches back to the dawn of popular music as we know it today.

Decades of research and the experience of musicians the world over has led to the creation of the “Sweetener”, a system of preset tuning offsets designed for specific instruments, only available on Peterson tuners, and used worldwide wherever precise and professional results are demanded. Two Sweeteners developed for banjo are BJO and TBO – (for 5-string bluegrass banjo and 4-string plectrum or tenor banjo, respectively). The BJO Sweetener addresses the typical B-string sharpness on 5-string banjos, while the TBO Sweetener counters string deflection on 4-string banjos.

5-String Bluegrass Banjo

Example: Gibson Mastertone & RB 5-string Series, Deering Boston & Goodtime 5-string Series, Stelling Bellflower & Master’s Cross

For open-G or Bluegrass style tuning on 5-string banjo, use the BJO Sweetener™ preset.


4-String Tenor Banjo

Example: Gibson Mastertone & TB 4-string Series, Bacon & Day 4-string, Paramount 4-string

For GDEA tuning on 4-string banjo, use the TBO Sweetener preset.



Current Peterson tuners featuring the BJO Sweetener setting above include:

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Current tuners featuring the TBO Sweetener setting:

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